You are one of the best, most creative artists i have ever come across in my lifetime, and all your art are based off things that I love! How do you come up with all of your ideas?

Aww, thanks!  That is very sweet of you to say.  I am just inspired by my lived experiences mostly, and the things I nerd out about.  I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy for most of my life, and Pokemon is probably at the top of my video game heap.  Aside from that, my studies in university focused on Japan and I lived there for a little bit, so I enjoy drawing art based on Japanese folklore.  I am originally from the American south, so that influences my love of stories as well.  I admire a lot of amazing artists, including Karl Kerschl, Emily Carroll, Anthony Clark, Allison Bechdel, just to name very, very few.  I have many more I respect/admire of course, but I’m terrible with names.  They’re squeezed out by all the arcane Pokemon and Animal Crossing related factoids.

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