tumblr announcement!

so, i’ve been doing some thinking.  and things are going to change on my tumblr.  when i first started using tumblr, i was afraid to reblog things.  now i reblog too much, i think.  it drowns out my own art, which this tumblr is supposed to be for.  and it makes it hard for people to follow me, because not everyone likes my art AND guinea pigs, pokemon, parks & recreation, rashida jones, queer stuff, gaming stuff, and comix.

so from now on this blog will be 90% to 95% my own content.  i will still occasionally reblog comix related stuff, or great illustrations, or artists i love releasing a new book. junk like that.  but not too often.  it’s going to be all my derps all the derp time!

if you really like the stuff on the super random list above, you should check out my new blog where all my other reblogs will now go: 100% nerds (+ pokemon).

thanks for reading (who reads text posts, anyway?)  if you want, you can let me know what you think?

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