these are “mcaloo tikki” burgers!  sort of, anyway.  they’re based on this recipe which is a home style version of something you can get at indian mcdonald’s.  i read about it in an article about unique mcdonald’s food you can get in other countries.  the mcaloo tikki is vegetarian/vegan depending on how you prepare it.  i altered the recipe i linked to.  but, essentially you need:

ingredients for patty:




breadcrumbs (i used panko)

salt and pepper

garam masala


other ingredients:

burger buns



cheese slices (if desired)

ranch or thousand island dressing or sriracha sauce or veganaise (if desired)


1. boil the potatoes, then mash.

2. cook the peas, then mash together with the potatoes.

3. dice the onions, VERY FINE. food process them if you can. saute the onions if desired, otherwise combine with the pea/potato mash.

4. add spices to taste. remember that after cooking the spices will dissipate, so make it a little stronger than you think is necessary.

5. form patties by making a ball of the mash in your hand, and rolling in the breadcrumbs/panko until coated.

6. gently smush your ball into a patty. place on a baking dish/sheet.

7. bake at 350F until lightly browned.

alternatively: you can fry them. i don’t particularly enjoy frying/i’m not very good at it, so i decided to bake these.

but yes, i developed this recipe based on the original, after experimenting with my first batch.  they turned out well, but i’m excited to make them again, knowing what i know now. 🙂  i prepared the patties as one does with any veggie burger, on a bun with a big slice of tomato and lettuce leaves. i tried these with ranch, thousand island (as the recipe suggests), and sriracha sauce.  i liked the sriracha on them best, i think, but they are good with a creamy sauce, which is why i recommend veganaise.  these are easy to make vegan, just make sure your breadcrumbs/panko are vegan.  whole foods sells vegan varieties.  i believe the kikkoman brand is vegan, as well.

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