get these cuties as stickers on my redbubble now~

“yer a bulbasaur, kelly”

art for the buttons that are part of my giveaway, going on until november 19th! good luck 😀

it’s giveaway time again! 😀 many thanks for 100 sales (and then some) on etsy. these pins are now for...

sent these button designs to the print shop last night, picking them up today!

grass starters, yall

some more button designs

a lil bulbasaur on a purple pillow. first digital colouring in ages with my new monoprice tablet (thanks, mum!)

bulbasaur and a lil poison puff. @k_m_christensen

giveaway is now over!  winners announced here! omg giveaway what whatttttt that’s right!  i’m giving away 2 free FULL sets...

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