Guys, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is only a bit over a week away!

VanCAF is actually being organized by my wife, Shannon, who was sick and tired of hearing me and my comics friends grouse about how there wasn’t a TCAF-styled free-to-attend comics festival in Vancouver. Fortunately for us all, she really stepped up to the plate, securing a really neat venue and filling it with an awesome slew of cartoonist exhibitors and guests, including: 

Questionable Content’s Jeph Jacques
Dr. McNinja’s Chris Hastings
Tanpopo’s Camilla d’Errico
A Softer World’s Joey Comeau and Emily Horne
Wondermark’s David Malki
Boxerhockey’s Tyson Heese
The Simpson’s Comic’s Nina Matsumodo
Dalen and Gole’s Mike Deas
Top Shelf Comics
Tiny Kitten Teeth’s Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt
Wasted Talent’s Angela Melick
Tangles’ Sarah Leavitt
The Village’s Ken Boesem
Weregeek’s Alina Pete
Murderbook’s Ed Brisson
Filibuster’s J.J. McCullough
Family Man/Bite Me’s Dylan Meconis
Three Word Phrase’s Ryan Pequin

…and a ton of other talented old hands and new creators. (Oh, uh, and me too!) Check out the full list right here.

VanCAF is a non-profit show, and we don’t have a huge marketing budget, but I think with our awesome guest list and word of mouth we can make this thing a big success… so anything you can help do to spread the word would be super appreciated, be it tweeting, reblogging, sharing, or just shouting a lot! And if you’re coming, RSVP on Facebook to let us know! This thing is going to be awesome.


i will be exhibiting here, and you should totally check it! 100% free comiccon! 😀

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