so #vancaf is super awesome! here is a photo of me and my partner at my half table. many thanks to my partner for designing my table display!  i had a great day sales wise, made back the cost of my table and half my material cost.  tomorrow i really hope to sell more mini-comics, but either way i’m very happy with how this con has gone so far.  many thanks to the excellent organizers and all the volunteers!

this is my first con, but everyone seems so nice and well organized.  volunteers came around to check on exhibitors at least four times over the course of the day, offered to bring food, watch our table while we took a break, and were generally just great.  they had a fun scavenger hunt event tonight, but i was dog tired after a very fun day.  i also had excellent table neighbors, including freeman wong, karly macdonald, and klara woldenga (a fellow octopus enthusiast!)  so you should check them out, they are awesome.  karly has some reaalllly cute puppy/kitty versions of your favorite superheroes, you can read a preview of freeman’s full length graphic novel online, and klara’s webcomic “robot comics” updates weekly. so you should check them all out at the links above. for now, i have to fall asleep on my face.

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