so, a while back i got a set of grayscale tombow brush pens (with a 40% coupon at dick blick, hoho) and started trying to use them. i like them, i do, they’re sort of like watercolor and markers combined.  they have the problems of both, but they can also produce really great stuff as evidenced by other artists using them (and similar tools) successfully.  i’m still struggling to use them in a way that works for me, but i think i’m starting to figure them out.  i got another set (vibrant colors) this weekend when i was in seattle, and doodled this while my partner was getting tattooed. i like it a lot better than my experiments with the grayscale pens, so i’m excited. i love using watercolor but it can be time consuming to set up, and these are ready to go straight out of the box.  so i’ll keep experimenting (and doodling more kappa, as always).

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