my last molly moon’s ice cream… salted caramel and theo chocolate. nom. tonight is my last night in the emerald city, and early tomorrow i am driving to burien (ugh) to drop z off to pick up the u-haul at 8AM (ugh).  but, i’m very excited to be going to vancouver. i think things will be good there, and i’m very stoked about going back to school.  i signed up for an anthro class about interviewing people and documenting life experiences, and i learned last night it just happens to have some stuff about japan in it that wasn’t mentioned in the initial syllabus.  sweet!  the texts for the course look great too.

so, i want to say: the us will always be where i came from, but it might not always be my “home”.  when i was younger and experiencing the frustration of first bush election and so forth, i made a lot of noise about “moving to canada” as many americans did at the time.  i don’t know if i ever thought i’d actually make it there!  but here i am, about to embark on a 2 year flirtation with the idea of making my life in canada.  of course, there would still be a lot of obstacles (finding a job, getting a work permit, etc), but being a ubc graduate could definitely help with that.  we’ll see what the future holds.

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