my hair cycle in a nutshell.  not featured is “mohawk”, which usually comes between the fratboy flip and the fuzz.  my hair changes based on the seasons, much like a deerling or a sawsbuck.  in spring, after the long winter, i shave a mohawk, which i ultimately cut into a buzzcut, which i keep short until fall, when it grows into dandelion and then into bowlcut/shag.  currently i am deep in shag territory, trying to evade the ever present danger of “the mullet”.

and that, followers, is more than you ever wanted to know about my hair.

and one more thing:

i still haven’t been able to get in touch with one of my giveaway winners: thelegendofzelderp

can’t seem to get an ask to go through on tumblr! i have sent three with no response. if you know them or could help me get in touch, i would definitely appreciate it!

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