i’m proud to say, i made this! 😀 and i am even prouder to say, it’s totally vegetarian. i know what you’re thinking… most vegetarian ramen is hit or miss. and that looks like chicken.  but it’s not!  so, on to the recipe…


4 cloves garlic

8 sizeable slices of fresh ginger

1/2 a bruised white onion

kombu (kelp)



powdered coconut (powdered coconut milk base)

sriracha sauce (just a bit for heat)

rice or apple cider vinegar (just a splash)

 1 cube of vegetable soup base

1. start boiling a pot of water and throw in the bruised onions, garlic, ginger, and kombu. let that cook alone for a bit. start adding splashes of the various sauces mentioned, and dissolving your soup cube.

2. after it’s been cooking for a while and starting to smell delicious, strain out all the big pieces of veggies and discard.

3. add coconut milk to achieve the desired level of creaminess. usually creaminess in ramen broth is achieved through boiling pork trotters until the marrow and the collagen get into the soup.  non-veggies might find this a bit gross, and to be honest i do too as even when i was eating meat regularly i always hated pork.  but that’s traditional ramen for you! the coconut milk powder adds the slightest hint of coconut flavor, but all it really adds is a delicious richness.

4. add your noodles! cook them to your desired texture in the broth and set aside.

i garnished this veggie ramen with pickled ginger, white corn, green onions, caramelized white onions, and “chicken” katsu. 🙂 my “chicken” is called “quorn”, it’s made from mycoprotein or mushroom based essentially.  it’s extremely delicious.  i shallow fried it in olive oil with a batter that was equal parts flour, water, and egg whites.  i flavored it with salt, pepper, and a little sriracha sauce.  fry till it’s nice and crispy and brown, and try not to start a grease fire. XD  because that’s always the gamble you make when you fry without a deep fryer…

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