i know what you’re probably thinking, how many projects can one person have?

when your attention span is as dim as mine the answer is: infinitely many!

i have so many files called “****-cover.png”.  haha.

but this is something i’ve been working on for a while.  it’s a short comic about my time in japan centered around my pet axolotl ippiki (hence the name).

i’m hoping to self publish it zine style once i get all the pages finished.  it will be full color and roughly 10 to 12 pages, but not shaded like this.  this is the cover, so i gave it some texturing and what not.

so, yes, that is my umpteenth project i’m working on.  this unemployment period between school and my last job is my hyper productive arts time, because i’m worried once i start back at school i probably won’t have much time for creative type stuff.

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