final set of animal crossing frog buttons, 13 through 16 out of 16. here we have jambette, emerald, sunny, and prince.  prince has this bizarre circular beard, that i’m sure all the hipsters only wish they could rock.  jambette lived in my town briefly, and ultimately she moved away.  she was the only one of my frog neighbors i wasn’t really sad to see go… her lips are so scary!  i’m sorry if there are any jambette lovers out there. D:

as always, these tumblr images are super low res (75dpi RGB), but i always print my buttons super high res (300 to 500 DPI CMYK) so they will be clear and crisp in button form.  i’ll post again when i’ve got a set pressed and ready to go in my etsy shop.  i might do a giveaway of a full set of the frogs, what do you guys think? or should i do one of some new pokemon buttons?

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