as promised, a much better photo of my new bulbasaur coin purse. 😀 the coins can slide into the bulb, but it’s wide enough that they won’t get trapped.  this is one of the more intricate purses i’ve done in a while, but it was quite fun.  now available on etsy!

bulbasaur is one of my favorite starters.  i chose charmander when i played blue through the first time, i couldn’t resist charizard.  he was the only pokemon i ever raised all the way to level 100 without using a single rare candy.  however, i had big love for bulbasaur too.  i remember i was starved for merch back when the games first came out, and my local game shop had some straight imported goods from japan.  all the packaging for bulbasaur said “fushigidane”, or “strange bulb” (essentially) in japanese.  i tell a lot of tales when people ask me why i started studying japanese, and they’re all true really.  but the one that is most true is that i started studying japanese so i could learn more about pokemon.  most of the early websites about it were in japanese only, and i had lots of merch that was written in japanese as well.  so there you have it: my dirty, nerdy secret.  and it all started with a strange bulb…

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