Animal Crossing birthday cake – strawberry and vanilla chiffon

This past weekend we had some folks over to celebrate the release of the Animal Crossing Mario Kart DLC (AKA “pack 2”), and decided it would be fun to make this cake based on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf birthday cake! (Even though, technically speaking, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday…) I don’t really think you need an excuse to eat delicious cake.

The primary recipe I used for this cake comes courtesy of my favourite online cooking show: Cooking with Dog! I followed Chef’s recipe fairly exactly, so I’ve embedded it below.

The only change I made to this cake recipe was to add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. It added some additional depth to the flavour and you could see the flecks of vanilla in the cake once it was done, which I always think looks nice.

While the cake baked, I made the strawberry whipped cream frosting. The recipe is as follows:

6 crushed strawberries (I used a ceramic ginger grater)

1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar

16 oz carton of whipping cream

a few drops of red food colouring (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Whip to desired thickness with an electric beater with whisk attachment. I think one of the worst lies perpetuated in the modern culinary world is that you can whip cream by hand. Even if you follow the rules for best results (super chilled cream and mixing bowl), it’s nigh impossible. I spent a frustrating evening when I was younger trying to whip cream by hand for a parfait–I spent half an hour and the result more creamy than whipped. You don’t need a Kitchenaid Mixer, a $15 hand beater will do just fine!

Rather than using a traditional angel food cake pan, I used two 6″ round drop bottom cake pans. I got mine at Daiso, whose cake pans seem largely designed for chiffon style cake baking. Once the cakes were baked and cooled, I sliced them down the centre. in order to create the four layers.

I assembled the cake in the following order: cake layer, frosting, strawberry slices, cake layer, frosting, strawberry slices, cake layer, frosting, strawberry slices, frosting on the outside of the entire cake, and whole strawberries on top. I used shish kabob sticks to ensure this slightly delicate cake’s structural integrity, and placed it back in the fridge to firm up.

animal crossing birthday cake recipe

After refrigerating for about an hour, it was ready to serve! I removed the sticks, added a bit of powdered sugar as a garnish, and sliced the cake into four generous pieces. You could also serve 8 more conservative slices, if you have more folks in attendance. 🙂

animal crossing birthday cake recipe

animal crossing birthday cake recipe

animal crossing birthday cake recipe

I hope you enjoy this cake, on birthdays or otherwise! I look forward to making this again when another fruit is in season–I’m thinking mint peach and lemon blackberry are in my future. Chiffon is a wonderfully light cake, and whipped cream frosting lacks the heaviness of a traditional buttercream, so this makes a great after dinner treat with a cup of tea.

animal crossing birthday cake recipe

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