and the giveaway winners are…

out of 276 total entries…

via the lovely, true random number generator

vanillacell and thelegendofzelderp!

congratulations! i will be messaging you to get details shortly, so be on the lookout. 😀

many thanks to everyone else for participating!  this is my first giveaway, but it won’t be my last.

here’s a few notes/thoughts on future giveaways…

i feel like, first off, that i wasn’t as clear as i thought with the rules.  totally my fault!  so i’m sorry for any confusion.  in the future i will probably use the same formula, better explained.  any one person can receive three entries only: 1 for reblogging, 1 for liking on tumblr, and 1 for liking on facebook.  i feel like perhaps i left that a bit too ambiguous, but no worries.  other than that things went smoothly!  my only other hitch was that i realized just yesterday that i had scheduled my giveaway winner announcement on sopa blackout day.  i feel bad for doing that, i totally wasn’t thinking when i scheduled it, i basically was only thinking of my personal schedule/convenience.  that said, please be mindful that laws like sopa/pipa could keep me from doing things like this in the future, so please continue to fight against censorship in the usa and your home countries.  thanks!  

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