Paste Magazine featured my cookbook zine, Soul Food That’s Easy on Hearts, in a cooking zine round-up entitled “Find Cooking Inspiration with These Food Zines“:

This zine features soul food classics that will make you yearn for hot summer days and long drives through back roads along the South. The best part? With 80% of its recipes vegan, this zine is health-conscious and plant-conscious, making it accessible to those with food allergies and dietary concerns. Printed on heavy card stock in full color, Soul Food includes recipes for buttermilk biscuits, classic Cajun jambalaya, sweet miso ramen (my favorite!), and pancakes, among others.Muriel Vega



Madmoizelle (en francais) featured my Charmander “Your Love is Super-effective” greeting card in a round-up of nerdy, pop culture Valentines entitled “Sélection de cadeaux pop-culture pour la Saint Valentin“:

Des cartes pour déclarer votre flamme

Carte Salamèche : « Ton amour est très efficace ! », murmurera cette carte toute mignonne à l’oreille aux yeux de qui la lira. Pour avoir une idée de ce à quoi la version « imprimée » ressemblera, jetez un oeil aux autres photos disponibles !



Drawn Blog (now retired) was an illustration and comics focused blog that ran from 2005 to 2013. It was an awesome space for everything illustrated! The piece they posted about was a comic about Vancouver from 2011 (page 1/page 2). I made it when I first moved to the city from Seattle and was struggling to adjust to life in a new place. Not my most refined piece, but it was an honour to be featured during Drawn’s run.